Ski-in Pete is a prototype I made to test out some ideas for procedural level generation, specifically for chasms. I also wanted to explore moving the level around the player instead of what I usually see in tutorials which moves the player through the level. Apprntly over time you can lose floating point precision and would need to "re-zero" the player and camera to prevent breaking your game (assuming the player gets far enough). My level generation code is based on scren size, which had an unintended effect on sgame speed as you scale the screen. So I scrapped the project. Also, I'm probably being a bit narrow minded but I couldn;t think of good idle/moving animations for a skiier. I thought about implementing a slalom sort of move/obstacle but didn't get around to it before scrapping the project. Perhaps one day when I'm more well-read on procedural level generation Ski-in Pete will make a return. For now have fun with the prototype!

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